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Protect Yourself and Your Family; Get Radon Testing Near Vancouver, WA and the Surrounding Areas

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious health issues. It occurs naturally in the environment; it is the result of uranium breaking down in the ground, which then releases a radioactive gas called radon into the environment. In small amounts, radon is relatively harmless; what causes problems is when radon is allowed to be trapped in confined spaces—such as homes, schools, or other buildings when radon has no way to escape. Unfortunately, this accumulated radon has some horrible side effects—primarily lung cancer. Clark County, WA is a hot spot for radon, so if you live near the area, it’s important to get radon testing to find out if it might be an issue for your building. Call JET Home Inspection when you need a radon test. I am a qualified radon inspector and our equipment can determine what the radon levels are in the home. If there’s too much, then I can provide you with a mitigation plan to reduce it. 

Work with a Professional

As an expert, I perform all radon testing with a Radon Eye Radon Tester. With my equipment, I can take up to 30 samples in an hour, versus the typical 15 that others in the field might offer you. My unit samples 30 times in an hour. Because I want to help our clients and I keep your best interests in mind, I also provide results in 48 hours. Though other radon testing companies will get back to you in 5-7 business days, I am proud to give you your report in no more than 48 hours. I am also qualified to monitor real time results remotely. 


I offer radon testing services to the following locations:


  • Vancouver, WA  
  • Camas, WA  
  • Ridgefield, WA  
  • Battleground, WA  
  • Washougal, WA  
  • La Center, WA  
  • Portland, OR  
  • Clackamas, OR 

Make sure you don’t have radon building in your home. Call today for a free estimate. 

Why there are no signs of radon poisoning

Unfortunately, there are no signs of radon poisoning which is the leading cause of lung cancer for non smokers according to the American Cancer Society. Radon, which is an odorless, radioactive gas, damages DNA molecules and in some cases lead to cancer. To take precautions before purchasing a home or selling, you can get your home test for radon gas. I am certified in testing for radon gas and can help with taking precautions for your home.
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Reagan Gregory
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