Pre-Listing Inspections

Planning to Sell Your Home? Work with a Property Inspector Near Vancouver, WA and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re planning to sell your home, then you may want to get a pre-listing inspection. Real estate inspections are a good way to make sure that there aren’t any hidden issues with your property. This is incredibly important to do before you put it up for sale; if you don’t, and the buyer’s inspection find issues with the home, then they may back out of the sale. By addressing any issues ahead of time, you can stress less when it comes to selling—and maybe even manage to make a little more money when you sell your building. If you’re near Vancouver, WA, then just give Jet Home Inspection a call. I am a property inspector that can provide you with the thorough inspection service that you need.

Get the Thorough Inspection Services You Deserve

If you need a property inspector near any of the following areas, give me a call: 


  • Vancouver, WA  
  • Camas, WA  
  • Ridgefield, WA  
  • Battleground, WA  
  • Washougal, WA  
  • La Center, WA  
  • Portland, OR  
  • Clackamas, OR 

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Jet Home Inspection Can Help You Make Sure Your Home’s Ready to Sell

Two unique things about my business are my roof drone and crawl space inspection services. Both of these allow me to get a better look at hard-to-see places using drones and cameras, therefore giving you a better idea of the condition of your property. 

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Understanding Your Home Inspection